Time Management for Real People

I work from residence. I have already been lucky adequate to keep my 9-5 task and 4 time daily travel and now I operate my company from my house workplace. To start with, we happened to be all around the chart – I experienced been in a work for 30+ years and actually didn’t understand just how to “manage my time.” steadily, we emerged to realize that I necessary to treat it like a task and to act like my personal boss. we necessary to set parameters for myself and work within those parameters.

If you wish to become much more productive, the very first thing you need to understand is the fact that you can’t handle time. You can easily only handle your self within time. When you comprehend that fact, you can learn what you should do in order to be much more effective. Check out strategies for time administration that work in my situation. Try incorporating a couple of (or all) to see if you’re able to be much more effective. Use free schedule templates to organize your time and tasks effectively.

Be much more effective – Have a program.

You’ve heard it said that neglecting to program is intending to fail. Set goals – once a week, month-to-month, quarterly and annually. When you have actually reached that objective, assess it. Exactly what worked? What didn’t? Adjust your action measures and establish your next goal.

Be more effective – Schedule some time.

Establish an everyday routine and adhere to it. Have a beginning time and a complete time. Schedule times for training, for private growth, for exercise as well as family members. But the majority important of all, schedule times for cash generating tasks (MMA). The main part of some time ought to be spent on MMA. What precisely are MMA tasks? Driving traffic, which can be writing or creating content, placing advertisements and/or operating online traffic. The other is chatting to prospects – after up, calling leads. Driving visitors and chatting to prospects – these are the many crucial activities in your time. (Note: Training is not MMA! Plan that individually.)

Become much more effective – Avoid distractions.

E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of sorts of types of social mass media are incredibly distracting. Look at the e-mail two times a day at most. Reply 2-3 outlines to your you must answer – perhaps not paragraphs. NEVER invest even more than half an hour every day on e-mail. Schedule those tasks into the day and cling to your routine. we check my e-mails and Facebook when into the morning and once during the conclusion of a single time.

Don’t respond to your cellphone or respond to text communications whenever you are performing MMA. That’s the function of voice mail. Return calls and text communications throughout your scheduled time for the task.

The various other significant distraction is mess. Help keep you workplace clutter free and arranged.

Be more productive – Eliminate power robbers.

Exercise at least 2 – 3 occasions each week. Consume water throughout your day. Remain away from junk meals – that really is an electricity zapper. You put junk inside you have junk away. Take frequent ten min breaks during your day – acquire some fresh air, walk around, clear your mind. we operate in 50 min intervals. I actually make use of a timekeeper as soon as the timer goes down, I take a ten minute break. Next I get returning to my routine.

Be more productive – Master your talent.

Choose one or two methods to create business and truly learn all of them. Simply take 90 times and adhere to that strategy. Refine it. Evaluate it. Allow it to be meet your needs. After you have got come to be adept at that ability, pick a brand new one and learn that. Don’t let your self be overwhelmed by attempting every new thing you hear about. For example, if it’s blogging, blog every solitary day until it becomes a practice. Whatever it is, grasp it and then move on.

Be much more effective – stability is important.

we take some time every time for gratitude, for visualizing my targets as well as for private development. I schedule time for my buddies and family members. And we take Sundays down. You can’t be effective if you burn yourself out.

we am sure there are many even more things you can easily think of to aid you manage your self within time. It does not truly matter how much time you need to provide to your business. Just organize your self and operate it like you will be your very own employer. I like what Andy Rooney stated: “I’ve learned… that the a shorter time I need to work with, the greater amount of things I’ve done.”

Therefore Be More Productive! And get Healthy for Good!


Tips for Choosing Reliable Aircon Handymen Services

worker-air-conIf you are feeling that your air-conditioner is not working properly and its voice is disturbing you, it means something is wrong with it which needs solution. What so ever the case may be, you should do some homework before contacting the aircon handymen service providers for asking their expenses and operating cost. For instance the sound of your airconditioner is disturbing you and not keeping your room cool properly, it means that there is something wrong with its system. In this situation, you should do some search and try to know what the issue is and how much you will have to pay expectedly for resolving it. When you meet with the service provider after properly understanding the problem, you will be able to make sure that they are not deceiving you in telling the prices for fixing the issue of your air-conditioner.

As you know that electronic appliances are very delicate and should not be handed over to anyone who claims to be expert. It needs a very qualified handyman to fix their problems .the experts of this field suggest that even the service of such appliances should be done by some skilled handymen. In this such situation , you should keep in your mind that in spite of doing the entire exercise and assuming that you have hired the perfect handyman, there may be something wrong anytime. You should be mentally ready for such circumstances. Your foremost responsibility to cope with this situation is the verification of expected contractor if he is a licensed and insured. In order to satisfy yourself, you should ask the contractors for their previous clients. When you obtain some names you may contact them personally and ask about the quality of services they have given them. You may confirm whether the previous clients are satisfied with them or not. In case the contractors have their own website, it will be easier to know in this regard by reading the comments of each client.

You have a short budget or money is not a problem for you, you must get estimated costs from each expected contractor. In this way you will be able to use these estimates not only in comparing their charges and cost but also you can easily come to know which one is estimating more than others and which one is providing better services on suitable prates. This exercise will help you a lot in bringing you out of worry about the money. Why should you pay lavish cost for the cheaper services?

Asking for warranty is as other important factor. No doubt, you hire the services of a practiced and expert handyman for service or repair of your air-conditioner or other Appliances, the possibility of handyman’s mistake cannot be overlooked. So the warranty on his services is essential. It is therefore important to ask for a warranty while hiring the services of a handy man. The warranty may be only for six weeks or six months. In this way you will be able to call the same handy again and again within the warranty period.

Dubai Consumer Laws and Handyman Services

Are you planning any sort of labor work to be conducted at home?  You must need to be aware of consumer laws and how to safeguard your rights.

Consumer laws in Dubai:dubai-consumer-rights

  • It is essential for the customers to ask for the detailed prices and charges against all the handymen services provided by a company.
  • All the customers have to make sure that they receive a detailed and correct invoice for the services they are provided with. They need to make sure that they services they used are enlisted on the invoice along with separate charges for each service.
  • They have to make sure that the replacement items and goods they are provided with, meet the minimum requirements of quality.
  • Customer has the right to check the quality and skills of the services he is provided with and in case of any complaint, he has the right to ask for his money back.
  • It is duty of the customers to make sure that the handymen services provider doesn’t provide them a juvenile worker for the services.
  • The payments the customers make to the service provider should be in permanent record and the customer is bound to ask for an invoice or a detailed document as a proof of payment.
  • The customer is bound by the UAE law to keep the receipts and invoices secure and safe for any use in the future.
  • Customer has all the rights to ask for warranty against all the handymen services provided by a company. If he is not provided with the warranty, he has the right to ask for payment refund.

Dubai laws for handymen services:

  • It is essential for the handymen services provider to provide a detailed list of the available services and good and items useful in providing the services for the customers.
  • The goods and repair items provided to the customers by handymen services provider shall meet a minimum quality explained by the local government.
  • Handymen services provider is bound to provide exactly the goods and services asked by the customer.
  • All the handymen services shall be provided with the explained quality of skills and care.
  • The service provider has to issue an invoice to the customer in that, he is required to include all the services separately with their charges and payments.
  • The handymen services provider is bound by the UAE law to provide a warranty document with the invoice to the customers. The warranty document can be written on separate paper or on the invoice along with the payment details.
  • The services provider has to provide facility of payment refund to the customers and in case the customer is not satisfied with the services, the services provider has to return the payment in the same manner he received it i.e. check, cash or in installments.
  • It is illegal to show any kinds of signs about the payment refund in the documents or at any place in the office. The signs such as ‘No refund’ or ‘No exchange’ are prohibited to show by the services provider in UAE.
  • Before the payment refund, the service provider has the right to provide the services again for satisfaction of the customer and the customer is bound to allow the service provider to do so.

I strongly recommend you to go and hire experthandymen.com as I have used them and found them to be really expert in their work. They really know what they are doing and their supervisor (Muhammad) is really a caring man and understand your tasks beyond your words.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Handyman Services

A handyman service is a large business in the entire world today. People are in this profession as individuals and also in the form of companies, which hire handyman and send them on contracts that are received by such companies through other contractors or people who directly approach them. Handyman service availability is increasing in demand day by day since this profession and people in it are of more use to customers especially because of the defining feature of handyman i.e. one who can perform multiple maintenance tasks. That is why people prefer hiring a handyman instead of hiring labor to perform different tasks when just one man can do all.


Most of the people are unaware of the glitches in this business and fall victim to monetary loss or misleading things due to being unaware of the inside complexities. Today common mistakes will be discussed which must be avoided while one is considering to hire handyman services.

  1. The first and foremost is being in a rush and hurry. Yes! People do not bother getting complete information from the handyman or the agency or company who will provide them a handyman. As a result either they suffer a conflict at the end of the job done by handyman or get charged too high for even the minor of household services. This should be kept in mind while hiring a handyman that one must get complete information regarding services and charges.
  2. Another major mistake that people make while hiring a handyman is not considering the services being offered. A handyman is not a Superman after all; every one of them has a set of skills so you must know which are your required tasks and then decide which one you should hire because it will result into useless hiring where one handyman will be able to perform only his / her related tasks and you might need to hire another one for rest of your work.
  3. People mostly ignore the distance between location of handyman and their home completely. Remember this is an important factor; because they are going to charge extra for travelling too far and also it will consume more time. So check the location of the employ you are hiring and it is advisable to consider the ones who are near.
  4. People do not bother checking their safety measures before letting them start the work in their house. Remember that it might not only be dangerous for your property and stuff in your house, but it can be hazardous to fatal for both, the handyman and people in your house. So pay attention to this.
  5. People do not ask for a copy or mind reading the contract prior to signing it. This can be a serious issue at times, especially if you are going to file a case in court at a later time for quality of service or any such issue. So do mind spending a minute or two reading the contract. And also obtain a copy of the contract for your record.

Best Practices of Hiring Handyman Services in Dubai

Handyman is a labor type ,which includes a laborer who can perform more than one service tasks related to commercial and residential facilities. Handyman services are common all around the globe and are not only utilized by communities, which are being developed but are also in demand in areas, which are well-developed for service of household etc. A number of common tasks are affiliated with the handyman responsibilities which might include light plumbing, electric works, AC service, carpentry, kitchen remodeling, roofing, cleaning, drilling, window panes, paint job and several others. Handyman services are easily available in localities.

Inside a construction site at Dubai marina

Dubai is a place which is both very much developed and under development, at the same time. Handy man services are common to find, but every time one might be wondering which is the best handyman labor to hire or which handyman services agency to contact for hiring a handy man. Take a look at our following tips to get to know the secrets of hiring effective handyman for your services.

  • First of all, consider their response while communicating such as over phone or online. Remember, if their attitude is careless and not attentive, you might want to look for a better one because those who have not even listened to you how can solve your problem?
  • Location of the agency or the handyman to your residence or facility is an important factor. Hiring a handyman from a far off place can cost you more; both time and money. So make your choice wisely and go for a nearest available one.
  • Before considering a handyman, make sure all information has been obtained about the services they are providing. You might not want to hire a handyman or an agency who would deliver carpenter services and several others but no plumbing when you might need kitchen sink repaired along with the wooden shelves. So make sure they have the services you require.
  • Directly hiring a handyman might not be a good idea most of the times. It is highly advisable to check the rates prior to hiring and even better technique is to get estimates of same job from different places before choosing one of them.
  • Since Dubai is a multicultural and international business hub so there are always chances of communication issues. This is also recommended that you and the handyman / company understand completely what services are required and what rate has been fixed. Hence it is strongly advised to curb the communication gap at any cost.
  • Response time of handyman or a company is also an important factor of hiring. Response time shows how serious a company or individual is about providing you your required services. Go for a handyman or company who are fast at communicating rather than someone who does not care.
  • And finally look for offers and discounts. A number of handyman companies offer a lot of offers which include free of cost services after getting served for a fixed number of jobs. These offers might also include winning of stuff such as prizes, or free services etc. mostly in case of companies who provide handyman.

Top 10 Pitfalls of using cheap Handyman Services

construction worker dubaiHandyman services contribute a major portion towards the world business and services profession in the present day. Lives of millions of people around the globe are attached with this profession in the form of labor, companies and also the customers of these services. People are always looking for better quality in lower prices; but there is a market secret, which states that one who is giving a price really low beyond the market average is surely hiding something fishy which might hurt a lot in the near future. So today pitfalls of hiring cheap labor in handyman services will be discussed.

If you are also amongst the people who prefer hiring handyman on low prices you might need to know the following 10 pitfalls of the few bucks you are not paying. Let us take a look at what you might be missing in the SAVING process.

  1. First of all if you are paying less for a service it directly means the quality of service will be low. Of course the handy man will be having an idea in mind saying ‘I can earn more in the hour I am going to spend here’ so they might be in a hurry to get this done and that poses a direct threat of quality of work issues.
  2. Paying less will lead the handyman to skip a few tasks in the job. For example if you have hired for cleaning they might skip areas which are not visible to you or might not even clean a complete area if they are left unattended.
  3. Cheap handyman services will surely come with a cost; they will not be paying for the stuff being used and you will get to know when the job is done and you might as well realize that if you had set a good price at the beginning you might have saved few bucks in real.
  4. If an agency is giving cheap handyman services it might be sort of promotional trick, but if an individual is giving you cheap handyman service there surely is going to be something wrong; they might not have a license or proper training for this. So be careful with this regard.
  5. As a consequence of paying less; or hiring a cheaper handyman service, they might not have proper safety measures, which could result in damages and hazardous situations.
  6. Cheaper handyman service cases mostly reveal low quality of equipment used for service. This only makes things worse and results even in some extra expenditure.
  7. Low priced handyman services will not gain anything but most of cases it is just more headache and arguments between the handyman and the clients.
  8. Paying a handyman who is not relevant to your required task might be of low cost to you but can be dangerous for the handyman, damaging for your property and mostly results in making the situation worse. So it is better to hire the relevant handyman by paying properly.
  9. Try not to bargain too much over the service prices; this only result in confusions and misleading information between you and the handyman you are hiring for service.
  10. Paying less might even result in villain attitude of handyman who might in process create other issues so you will have to hire them in the future.

This was tricky, isn’t it? So in short do not mess with them and pay what they deserve.

Skilled Vs. Unskilled Labor in Dubai

Labor is a basic need of development process and has a solid importance of every developing environment. Labor is what keeps the business going and has a vital role in almost every industry. When referred to the term ‘labor’ people think of labor involved in construction business, but in reality labor is every kind of work, which requires physical exertion and hard work along with some skill in the relevant type of field. Most common labor kinds include masonry, carpentry, plumbing, drilling, driving, cleaning, paint job, digger and several others. Being a skillful labor is a great advantage these days and has brighter chances of earning as compared to an unskilled labor person.

Dubai Labor

Skillful labor means a laborer who has got formal or informal training in the relevant field. A skillful laborer has expertise in his / her field of work and knows the job in a much better way as compared to an unskilled laborer. This can also be genetic or home taught by parents or by the close community of a person. For example a person born and raised in a community of millers will have more chances of being a skilled miller than someone who has never even seen a mill in their life prior to choosing being a miller for profession.

Skillful laborer does not go for random tasks in their field. A skilled laborer gets to know his / her work and perform it in an organized manner. They know how to manage time and plan tasks in a timely manner for successful execution and provide more chances on being successful in the job. A skilled laborer never goes for hit and trial method in their work; in fact a truly trained and skilled laborer will get to know the issue and its reasons and will try to eradicate the problem from its root to avoid the problem encountering in the future and this will also increase their troubleshooting knowledge and expertise in their field.

Skilled laborer always goes for perfection and quality rather than just performing a task for some money and move to the next. In other words, for a skilled laborer quality matters more than quantity and this is the result of their skill and leads to success in the form of greater profits for skilled laborer.

Remember however, a skilled laborer was not born so; everyone is an unskilled laborer at one time but through hard work and dedication turn into a skilled laborer. This can be done by learning a labor type in some technical training center or by reading literature and working in the field to effectively utilize the knowledge and improve the labor skills.

An unskilled laborer has vulnerability in the work and should work with someone who can supervise them. An unskilled laborer can not only perform a job improperly but can also lead to serious consequences in extreme cases and sensitive environments. Skilled laborer has also more chances of hiring due to the expertise, responsibility and quality of work possessed.